Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Information for the Cafe Owners

Below we have given 5 Questions and answers for the questions that we feel are most relevant.

1) How do I List my Coffee Shop?
You can simply use any of the below methods to proceed.

2) My Coffee Shop is already listed, I didn’t give information.
Excellent! We have covered your Coffee Shop and it’s in the Colombo Coffee Club’s Coffee Shop list already.
Colombo Coffee Club (CCC) has already covered many coffee shops in Town and all the details on the site including pictures are collected purely by the CCC Team and all the pictures are authentic pictures of products purchased by us and experienced enjoyed by our team at your coffee shop.

3) What can I do with my Listing at the Colombo Coffee Club?
Your Coffee Shop is listed, that does not mean it’s all done. It’s just the beginning. Feel free to do the following at your convenience

4) How does the review work?
We give the use there variables to rate on 1) Coffee (Obviously!) 2) The Place 3) the Ambiance
Users will Rate out of 5 stars. And the rating then will calculate into a rate out of 10. For the benefit of the establishment we have given a breakdown on the three individual rating and the number of reviews so far.

5) Do you only cover Coffee Shops in Colombo?
No! Thanks for Asking. We are covering the whole of Sri Lanka.
But as you are aware most the coffee houses / Coffee Shops are located in Colombo and its suburbs. That’s why you see most coffee shop listings are from Colombo. But we are very keen on hearing from all the Coffee Shop owners all over Sri Lanka.
Our objective is to add every coffee shop in Sri Lanka. Please feel free to contact us on List your coffee shop and keep a mark on your town in our map!

Information for the reviewers

1) First time when your review is accepted you will receive a email with a unique code. Please make sure that you use your registered email address and given pass code every time that you review.

2) You can can proceed to review and upload your pictures about your Favorite coffee shop in your town or anywhere in Sri Lanka within the given guidelines.

3) What are badges? it is a unique way of recognizing your reviewer status, and some badges that you can earn when we recognize that you are attached to a certain coffee beverage or a type of beverage

Coffee Drinker
1 Review

Certified Coffee Drinker
2 Reviews 1 Picture

Coffee Addict
5 Reviews 3 Pictures

Certified Coffee Addict
8 Reviews 5 Pictures

Exclusive Coffee Reviewer
15 Reviews 10 Pictures

~End of the Q & A~

Note from the CCC Team:
If you have a different type of a question regarding the Colombo Coffee Shop (CCC) or you need further clarifications on the above given answers please feel free to contact us on