About Colombo Coffee Club

A complete guide to Coffee in Sri Lanka. A Coffee Shop/Coffee House guide listing all the places to have a coffee in the city that you are in.

Founded in mid 2011, Colombo Coffee Club was a good reading experience and a portal to interact for all those who love coffee. In early 2015, Colombo Coffee Club relaunched as a Coffee Travel & Lifestyle Information Site to represent all stakeholders in the industry.

Since then Colombo Coffee Club has partnered with cafe's, coffeeshops and coffee professionals in important events in their timelines, including events, product developments and promotions.

In February 2016, Colombo Coffee Club Opened the Coffee Market Place, with objective to cater to the needs of the professional establishments, cafes and of the home barista.

We encourage those who travel to Sri Lanka to use this guide to have a good coffee experience in colombo and other cities and get to know the coffee culture in Sri Lanka.

We Believe in Good Coffee. Good friends and that memories are made over a cup of coffee!